Is Web Hosting At Home Right For Me?

Many people today have considered web hosting at home. However, before you make that final decision, you should make sure you have all the facts.

You will definitely want to weigh the pros versus the cons of hosting within your own home and deciding if it is right for you.

To do that, you must have the most accurate and helpful information available, this is where this article can help you.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is where some form of website is given space upon a server.

The type of website hosted varies from one host to the next. There are several types such as strictly HTML, a combination of different allowable languages, shopping carts, and databases, just to name a few.

Of course, when it comes to websites, you have more than just the code that need hosted, you have a variety of images as well, that will vary from one person or business to the next as well.

Web hosting in general is allowing a person to take up space on a server for a nominal fee.

The amount of space that you allow another person to have is up to you, your equipment, and how much you have to offer.

Every website you see online has a web host; it is what makes up the World Wide Web as a whole.

What Infrastructure Do I Need?

There are several things combined that will help make you get started in offering web hosting at home.

Some of the equipment you will need may include:

High Speed Internet. Preferably Cable, but DSL is acceptable as well. Dialup is never acceptable for a web hosting provider.

Static IP. This address should be local and for your own network at home.

Router. This router should have the ability to forward different connections to that of your server. The HTTP port suitable for web hosting is port 80.

Apache. This program is both free and of the highest quality. This program allows you to host several websites simultaneously.




Reliable Computers. Plural because most web hosting companies run their own dedicated servers and uses multiple computers to do so.

Is it Really Possible to Turn My PC into a Server?

Yes it is, provided that you have the above items implemented. You want to be sure that you have tight security on your systems and servers as well.

This will help keep hackers at bay. You want to make sure that you have the ability to provide your customers with outstanding service, reliability, and uptime.

Web Hosting At Home Pro’s

1. A great business venture

2. You can use your own PC.

3. You have the opportunity to offer a higher standard in customer service and web hosting.

4. You no longer have to worry about which web hosting company is taking advantage or charging too much.

Web Hosting At Home Con’s

1. It can be fairly difficult to implement
2. The investment can be quite large

3. It takes a lot of time and dedication

4. You have to constantly stay on top of maintenance to ensure that you are offering high quality and the latest in platforms.

Web hosting at home is your decision that only you can make.

With the right information, you now have the opportunity to make an informed and calculated decision.